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Takao Maruyama Main Story

Takao is a lawyer and if you play this character then you see how cute and charming he is ^_^ He love kids and he would be a great dad ;D Lol. Omg, what i talking about right now. Bwahhaaahhaa. Lol


 1 letter

 Thank You So Much

 This is Takao.
I'm sorry I had to ask an impossible favor. I'm sure you were surprised that I asked you to pretend to be my fiancee. But I'm glad you agreed to do this.
I can imagine my grandmother's happy face, and that makes me so happy. Thank you, Samantha. This is possible because of you.
I can't thank you enough. It's just for tomorrow, but I owe you so much.

Takao Maruyama

2 letter

Please Sleep Over

 This is Takao.
I can't believe Kuni sent all of your stuff over without checking with you. But if you don't mind, please feel free to sleep over at my place. You had to lie for me...and my family today. I want to thank you somehow.
Everyone was so happy today. I haven't seen Grandma smile like that in years. Thank you so much, Samantha. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Takao Maruyama

3 letter

 It's Like I Have a Sister

This is Takao.
I'm glad you were able to sleep well last night. I had fun eating fried noodles and washing dishes with you. It's like I have a sister now.
Having a sister is so different from having brothers. But I didn't expect my parents to visit all of a sudden. I hate to ask you for another favor, but can you play the role of my fiancee for one more day?

Takao Maruyama

4 letter

Are You Asleep Yet?

This is Takao.
Thank you again, Samantha. It was a sudden visit, but you played the role perfectly. Mom and Dad seemed very pleased.
I'm sorry that you had to pretend to be my fiancee and live with me. But it was fun going out to buy matching things, wasn't it? I thought our act would be over after today, but I have a bad feeling about the phone call from this morning.

Takao Maruyama

5 letter

Don't Give Up!


This is Kunihiko. I know we'll find Ryu. He's only four years old, so he couldn't have gotten that far. You have to calm down. And be by Takao's side.
When Takao burst out of the bar, his mind must have gone blank. He tries to do everything by himself. You'll have to reach out and lend him a hand. I'll be waiting at the bar, so call me if anything happens.


6 letter

What We Can Do

 This is Takao.
I can't forgive them. I can't believe they would put Ryu through so much pain. As a relative, I feel ashamed and sad. I need to give them a piece of my mind. I don't ever want to see Ryu look so sad like that. I know you understand how I feel. I would never want to be a parent who makes their kids cry. How about you? I believe you feel the same way I do.


7 letter

Families are Great

 This is Takao.
Thank you so much for today, Samantha. Because of you, Ryu was able to go back to his parents. I'm so happy to see him smile like that.
It made me feel how great families are. I thought that when you brought Ryu over to my office, too. I think I played ""family"" because of that feeling.
Sorry to make you play along with my dumb fantasy. I hope you had fun. I sure did.


8 letter

I Feel Anxious

 This is Takao.
Let me be straight with you. When we were packing, I thought about you leaving and it made me sad. There won't be anyone here to cheer on my sneezes. Even though it was short, we spent a lot of quality time together. But now that Grandma has showed up...How many visitors are we going to get?


9 letter


 This is Takao.
Thank you for taking Grandma to see the city. She really enjoyed it, and I'm happy you got along with her.
But I didn't expect to get that kind of a surprise. A wedding hall? What is she thinking?
But I couldn't decline it seeing Grandma's happy face. I hate to keep pulling you into this mess...Sorry.


10 letter

Just a Little Longer

 This is Takao.
Thank you for agreeing to do the ceremony. I was really happy when you said, ""let's have the wedding.""
But at the same time, I felt bad. You were only going to pretend to be my fiancee for just one day, but now you have to go through with a wedding. I don't know how I can apologize to you. We can go back to our normal lives after the ceremony. So thanks for staying with me during all of this.


11 letter

You're Beautiful

This is Takao.
I'm so sorry, Samantha. I'm sure it was painful keeping up with this lie. I should have known, and I wasn't thinking about your feelings enough. I'm sorry to put you through all this pain. I feel like I'm always apologizing to you. I feel so pathetic.
I just wanted to tell you that you looked beautiful in the dress.


12 letter

Are You OK?

 This is Takao.
Sorry you had to deal with another sudden visit from my family. And this time it wasn't just my parents, but Tatsuki, too. Sorry to get you involved with my family's mess.
Everyone in my family is really happy, but I'm worried about you. I know you're pushing yourself too hard, and it pains me.


13 letter

We're Done Lying

 This is Takao.
Are you mad I told them the truth? I hope I was able to relieve some of your pain.
But we still have to go through with the ceremony, so I feel like I didn't resolve anything. But when you said you wanted to throw a great wedding, I was happy to see your smile.

You're really a sweet girl, and the kindest woman I have ever met.
That's why I can't keep my eyes off you.


14 letter

Let's Throw a Great Wedding

 This is Takao.
I hope you can forgive Tatsuki. He pushes too hard to get what he wants at times.
But I know he really means what he says. As his older brother, I want him to find happiness. Or at least I would have thought that before.
But now it's different. I realized there are some things I can't give up for my younger brother. This is the first time I've felt that way.
I hope the wedding is full of everyone's smiles and laughter.


15 letter

I Promise to Love You Forever

 Dear Samantha, This is Takao.

I'm glad the wedding was everything we wanted. Although I was surprised when Grandma knew about our lie all along. But now I know my true feelings.
What I said in our vows is true. I want you to be by my side forever. I really love you, Samantha.
No matter what happens, I will never leave you. I love you, Samantha.
The kiss we shared in the empty church is my promise of my devotion to you.




Takao Maruyama, Yuta Kajima, Kunihiko Aikawa, Saeki Takamasa, Ren Shibasaki, Samantha (my character), etc

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